Jeff Shoesmith - Sydney, Australia

1970 H510 SSS Coupe

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The previous owner privately imported this coupe into Australia in 2002. It arrived fitted with an SR20DET that had been 'basically' installed by it's original owner in Japan. The engine and conversion kit were sold locally prior to me purchasing the car in Oct 2003. It has never been registered for use on Australian roads and as such has been in storage the entire time.

The condition can be described as VERY GOOD. The engine bay needs respraying and several minor rust spots need attention, but apart from that, there is very little immediate work required.

I plan to also fit an SR20DET (1997 S13 black-top) that is currently installed in my 510 wagon. With remapped factory ECU, custom intercooler, VG30DETT AFM, S15 T28 turbo and injectors I expect to achieve around 190KW at the wheels (per what I did with my previous car SX-510)

Given that the interior has already been messed with, I intend to do a custom retrim that is modern and lightweight, yet in keeping with the original theme.

A full respray will be done as funds permit. I am in two minds as to which way to go - either a dark metallic modern colour like SX-510 (possibly the current BMW 3 series blue) - or a pale straight colour like a tan or cream as the car originally came out with.