Michael Spreadbury - USA

1970 H510 Bluebird SSS Coupe

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Photos by Michael Spreadbury

Body No: P510-248870

Imported into the USA, March 2000, originally from Nagano, Japan.

Overall, the vehicle is in very good condition regarding that it spent the first 30-years of it's life in the corrosive Japanese environment. The car was originally painted pale yellow (paint code 817), and sometime in it's life it was painted blue. It was then painted back to a pale yellow/almond color that is on the car now.

The interior is in good condition. Michael has replaced the cracked dash pad with a new 510 dash pad which did wonders for the look of the interior. The car has the correct six-pod SSS instrument cluster (with the clock!) and all the gauges seem to work correctly.

The engine is a stock L-16, but it has had the SUs robbed off of it. In their place is a stock Hitachi carburetor. Michael has converted the car to an electronic distributor, as the original distributor was not working well and has had zero problems since the conversion.

Michael plans to convert this car to SR20DET power in the near future.

The wheels that came with the car are 14" Watanabe wheels with shaved race slicks, and from the look of them, someone used to have quite a bit of fun with this car...

This car is not going to remain stock, but it will not be "over modified" either. Michael wants the car to appear that it could have come from the streets in Japan, it will look "stock" from the outside, other than the wheel/tire combo and sitting a bit lower. His rule is that no modifications will get in the way of returning the car to a stock configuration if one wanted to-so no crazy front ends, no wild V6 conversions, just a gentleman's tuned Bluebird. Not to say that it will be boring, just very tasteful.